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Hostess anxiety

Birthday Parties Stress Me Out

We just hosted our third baby’s first birthday party. It was everything a birthday party should be, with doting grandparents, enthusiastic cousins, and plenty of sugar.  There was a theme, corresponding decor, food, and crafts. We were privileged to be able to plan such a celebration for this adorable, healthy toddler.  But… I’ll never get […]

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Do You Take Your Kids to Church?

“I’m ready!”  The 6-year-old triumphantly displays his stained athletic shorts, a left and right shoe from different pairs, laughable bedhead, and a syrup-streaked face.   The 3-year-old stands next to him in an outgrown dress that barely covers her behind, also ready for her audience with God. The baby’s diaper is pretty well soaked and he’s […]

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passenger on road trip

The Family Road Trip’s Toughest Job: The Passenger Seat

There is a place, found on interstates everywhere in the summer months, sure to test the patience of saints and the grace of angels. It’s the front passenger seat of the vacationing family’s car. This is the epicenter of daylong road trips, the command post for managing back-seat requests, demands, and negotiations.   We’ve all […]

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arguing parents

The Art of Arguing as Parents

My husband and I recently celebrated nine years of marriage. Our anniversary is always a good time to reflect on the many ways our marriage has evolved. This is especially true in the past six years as we’ve accepted the inevitable changes that come with having children.   One surprising and necessary adaptation we’ve made […]

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influenza flu

Dear Influenza

Dear Influenza, We need to talk. This wasn’t supposed to be your year. You visited us last year when the headlines ran rampant with news of your devastation. We were properly aware of you, expected you even. You were still unwelcome, but not a surprise guest. You snuck in this year. Nobody was talking about […]

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