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Little Pnuts Review and Giveaway

Little Pnuts: Review and Giveaway

With Little Pnuts we hope to get children back into imagination, creativity, and play. We want children to get up off the couch, step from behind a computer, turn off the television, and find accomplishment in playtime. What is Little Pnuts? Little Pnuts is a unique subscription toy company that sends special deliveries – eco-friendly, sustainable, natural and […]

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First Day of School

Redshirting Your Kindergartner

I first heard the phase “redshirting your kindergartner” a few years ago while I was watching an episode of 60 Minutes. The story went into great detail on why parents did or did not choose to send their five-year-olds to kindergarten. Some parents who made the choice to hold their children back did it because they […]

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Cassette Tape

Things Our Children Will Never Know

I was reflecting the other day about how much has changed since I was a child (just writing that sentence makes me feel super old) and about some of the things that my children will never get to experience, and I honestly felt sad that some of my favorite memories as a child are things […]

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