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Dear Nurse Katie | Des Moines Moms Blog

Dear Nurse Katie

Dear Nurse Katie, I owe you a thank you. A big thank you. Actually, two very big thank yous. The first thank you is for my Marcus. He’s six now. Yes, SIX! I remember a lot about the day he was born. It was a Tuesday. The spring sun shined through the window. My husband […]

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30 Things I've Learned Since College | Des Moines Moms Blog

30 Things I’ve Learned Since College

I opened an email from The Iowa State Foundation and read, “Congratulations! You graduated from college 10 years ago!” I choked on my lemon infused water. When I was in college, I… met my husband. Fulfilled many of my athletic dreams. Worked my tail off (and perfected procrastination). Had purple hair and a pierced nose. […]

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I Didn't Want a Girl | Des Moines Moms Blog

I Didn’t Want a Girl

This post is part 1 of 7 in the series Sugar and Spice & Everything Daughters. I had muddy feet, constantly. I chased rabbits and danced around in the gutter. Sitting still, sipping tea, and brushing Barbie’s hair were never on my agenda. I didn’t play girl very well. All the other girls sold cookies and […]

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How to Say No to Your Kids | Des Moines Moms Blog

How to Say No to Your Kids

Here’s what happens when I say “No!” to my children: one cries, sulks, and hides. Another negotiates. The other turns into the Incredible Hulk. Smash! Crash! Punch! Saying “No!” in my house is exhausting! (And sometimes painful….)  My dad told me once that being a parent is both a noun and a verb. It is […]

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