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family holiday movies

Family-Friendly Holiday Movies

When the weather outside is frightful, a movie sounds so delightful! From animated to comedy to classic, check this list twice for our top, family-friendly holiday movies. And when it’s mom’s turn to choose the movie, we have a soft spot for the Hallmark Channel this time of year.  Best Family-Friendly Holiday Movies Animated  Every […]

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kid injuries

Sports Injuries and Kids

In the past two months, our family has been seriously injury-prone. My oldest son broke his collarbone riding a skateboard; my youngest son sprained his wrist playing soccer; and my daughter twisted her knee running cross country. After six x-rays, five doctor’s visits, two braces, a sling, and a splint, I’m now best friends with […]

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When Your Kids Get Braces

I’m about to have two kids in braces. That’s double the orthodontic bills. That’s two sets of appointments. That’s double the kiddos avoiding sticky or crunchy snacks. (I’m looking at you, popcorn.) I didn’t plan it this way, it just happened. My oldest son is getting his on a little late (sorry, soon-to-be freshman who […]

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social media

I Quit Social Media

A few months ago I made the decision to walk away from social media. It was a decision that was years in the making, stirring under the surface of my consciousness, poking its head every few months through a moment of frustration. Until one day I woke up and knew it was time. No more […]

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Iron Mom

The Month Of May Is The “Iron Mom” Of Triathlons

May should be the perfect month. All green and lovely with ideal, not-too-cold and not-too-hot, temperatures. The birds are chirping, the flowers blooming and there’s a holiday dedicated to the most important member of the family (#bias) – mom! Reality: May is chock-full of recitals, programs, teacher appreciation, confirmations, graduations, and end-of-year celebrations. So many […]

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