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Things I'm NOT Thankful For

Things I’m NOT Thankful For

I’d call myself a thankful person. I regularly thank the people in my life. I always send thank you notes and even do so in a (semi-) timely fashion. This entire month of November I’m listing what I’m thankful for each day on social media, continuing a tradition I’ve had for the past five years. […]

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Parent Like A Grandparent

Parent Like A Grandparent

They say grandparenting is the best gig around. And the longer I’ve been a parent and witnessed my folks grandparent (like a couple of bosses, I might add!), I believe it. All the fun. None of the responsibility. All of the joy. None of the worry. All of the high fives. None of the time […]

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St. Patrick's Day Family Fun Des Moines Moms Blog

St. Patrick’s Day Family Fun

I thought I was Irish until I was 39 years old. True story. Turns out I’m Scottish, not Irish, which explains why my family never really whooped it up for St. Patrick’s Day. (I always assumed we were just lame.) But, whether you’re Irish, Scottish, or the perfect melting pot of “American-ish,” you can make […]

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