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finding balance motherhood

Finding Balance in an Unbalanced World

Tonight I left a sink full of dishes, laundry unfolded, and toys all over the living room floor. It was bedtime, and since my four year old still relies on me to put her to bed (read – she STILL sleeps on our floor), I was needed somewhere else. Sometimes it feels like I am constantly […]

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sizing up changing ring size

Sizing Up

I have had two kids. I have gone up and down in my clothes size in the last ten years. Even my shoe size has changed frequently. This is not shocking. So I don’t know why I would be shocked that the same jewelry I have been wearing for the last 13 years would suddenly […]

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Giving back birthday presents

Giving Back Birthday Party: Presents for the Community

I love celebrating birthdays. Some of my favorite childhood memories are from my friend birthday parties my mom would put together. I was excited to get to start our own tradition with my kids of throwing parties for them to celebrate with their friends.  Last year as we neared my daughter’s 8th birthday, I looked around […]

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