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Apologizing to our Kids

apologizingI did something the other day that I believe changed my three year old daughter and my relationship for the better instantly. I apologized.

Yes. I said “I’m sorry” to a three year old. The look on her face and her reaction when I did, immediately showed me the importance of apologizing to your children when you’re in the wrong. 

Why I Needed to Apologize

It was one of those days where I didn’t get much sleep the night before (all thanks to her baby brother.) I was exhausted, she was extremely whiny (for absolutely no reason), and I was right in the middle of changing the baby’s poopy diaper when she continued to whine/cry that she couldn’t open something by herself and needed help. 


She immediately looked disappointed, ran into her room, slammed the door and started crying.

And I immediately felt just like the crap that was all over my hand at this point. 

How I apologized

I cleaned up the baby, set him down, and walked into her room. She was sitting on her bed and I went and sat next to her. 

“Ava, I’m really sorry for yelling just now.”

She looked stunned.

“That wasn’t nice of me. I know you needed help, but I couldn’t help you right that second because I was changing your brother. I am sorry for yelling. I would love to help you now.” 

“That’s okay mommy,” she said as she gave me the biggest hug.

She was immediately happier. The look on her face showed me just how much that small “I’m sorry” meant to her. She went on about her merry day like nothing had just happened.

Why Apologizing is Important

I think sometimes as moms we can forget that even though our kids are little, they have true feelings that can be hurt just like we do. I am the first to admit that sometimes I lose my patience and raise my voice when it’s really not that serious. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes raising your voice is necessary for kids and I don’t want to make anyone feel like they’re in the wrong if they do. (Trust me, I raise my voice many times).

I think it’s important to know when to apologize, no matter how young your child. It’s important to show them that apologizing to others is appreciated and most importantly, impactful. 

Do you apologize to your kids? 


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