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A Personal Interview with Coach Rian

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A couple months ago I walked into my first Crossfit (Crossfit Des Moines) class not fully knowing what to expect but pretty excited to try something new. After day one I was HOOKED. It proved to be challenging, exciting and fun…AND it continues to be! Truthfully, I have never felt better!! I think my FAVORITE thing about Crossfit is that you are always striving to get better at each workout and it’s easy to see your improvements! Also, my focus isn’t so much on losing inches or pounds but rather getting stronger and becoming a more fit individual!  I have also made some great friends along the way which makes working out all the more fun!

BlogPicCrossfit Des Moines is equipped with some pretty AWESOME coaches!

Rian Moe graduated from Iowa State with a degree in Health and Human Performance. He has been coaching Crossfit for 6 years and has earned several Crossfit certifications. He is passionate about helping people reach their fitness goals! I’m so thankful he was even willing to impart some wisdom on us:

Q: What is one of the biggest mistakes you see women making in the gym?
A: Too much too soon. Slow down and take it one day at a time!

Q: What is the biggest mistake you see/hear women making in their diets?
A:Consistency. AND a lot of excuses…You always have a choice. It takes discipline and dedication. Nutrition is the biggest component of the Crossfit pyramid! It is the MOST important factor to your fitness.

Q: Weights can be intimidating for women…how can I get started with weights?
A: Stop thinking about weights as “weights”…think of them more as objects at home…lifting grocery bags, picking up your child or moving furniture. Be open to learning something new and find a workout buddy to keep you accountable!

Q: Will weightlifting make me bulky?
A: NOOOOOO. Such a myth. Google olympic lifter, Morghan King. She’s 105lbs and snatches (olympic lift) 180lbs and she’s still tiny! Size does not equal strength!

Q: What should I eat pre/post workout?
A: Pre: A balanced meal you can keep down 2-3 hours before you workout.
Post: Protein-liquid nutrition. It helps with recovery!

Q: Should I take supplements?
A: First, make sure you are eating right. If your nutrition is there then you can look into supplements. But most of your nutrition should be coming from your diet!

Q: How do we tone our tummies?
A: Proper nutrition and exercise 5-6 days a week. Sit-ups alone or other abdominal exercises will not give you a 6 pack!

Q: How long should my workout be? A: At least 20 minutes.

Q: What are your tips for maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle?
A: Nutrition. Exercise. Consistency. Discipline.

So, You Ask….Why Crossfit? It works and if one adheres to good nutrition, it works even better. It challenges me every workout. It has made me more fit than I have ever been.

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Note: I did not receive any compensation or trade of service from Crossfit or Coach Rian in exchange for writing this post. All opinions expressed are my own. 

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