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5 Reasons You Should Consider Enrolling Your Child at Bergman Academy

This featured business highlight is brought to you by Bergman Academy. 

bergman academy

1.  Small student to teacher ratio 7:1 preschool, 9:1 Pre-Kindergarten and 16:1 Kindergarten-8th grade

2.  Individualized guided instruction

3.  Project-based learning

4.  Foreign language instruction starting at age 3

5. Located in the heart of oldest city park in Des Moines, Greenwood Park. With 80 acres the outdoor space is an extension to our classrooms and learning environment. 

Bergman Academy has small class sizes and offers individualized instruction for your child!

About Bergman Academy

bergman academy

Bergman Academy is a state-licensed and accredited private school, providing preschool through 8th grade secular education. They are located in the heart of Greenwood Park. Their class sizes feature a 16:1 ratio and an emphasis on individualized instruction. They are marked by emphasis on rigor and relevance in science, mathematics, literature, foreign language, and world culture.

Bergman Academy’s students consistently test in the 99th percentile for Iowa Assessments. As the #1 elementary school in the state, their teaching staff is committed to investigating the newest teaching methods and combining them with the current curriculum so each child is challenged and supported in reaching their own individual potential. They offer education starting at three- and four-year-old preschool all the way up to the eighth grade. 

Bergman Academy

Enrollment for the 2016-2017 School Year

Bergman Academy’s low student to teacher ratio will give your kindergarten student the opportunity to fully engage and participate in all areas of the classroom. Their curriculum includes things such as Spanish, art, music, health, and PE.

Individualized guided instruction will make sure your child’s academic and social needs are being met in the classroom and that they are moving toward their personal best and becoming lifelong learners. Kindergartners regularly have projects and assignments that have them practicing public speaking, listening, eye contact, and fluency. But most of all, kindergartners have the chance to combine education with fun!

Students in the Middle Scholar program (grades 6 through 8) participate in Spanish, music, technology, art, and 120 hours of physical education. The group also has many unique opportunities they participate in, such as Central Academy, the ITEC Technology Fair, archery, storytelling and photojournalism, STEM field trips, and various philanthropic projects. But the best part — they have an entirely new wing with six new classrooms and two state-of-the-art science labs!

Alongside the new addition is a new playground in Greenwood Park that benefits the entire Des Moines community. Students are able to utilize the hiking trails by exploring, geocaching, sledding, snowshoeing, and other outdoor activities. The new playground has equipment for preschool-aged children and well as elementary- and middle-school-aged children.

bergman academyTuition Assistance

Did you know Bergman Academy offers confidential tuition assistance for qualifying families?

Choosing a private school is a major financial decision for families. Bergman Academy offers tuition assistance for qualifying families to attend their school. The tuition dollars come from donors who receive an exceptional tax credit that was created by the State of Iowa to promote school choice. Families who are interested in knowing more about tuition assistance availability must be enrolled and are encouraged to contact Bergman Academy for more details.

Connect with Bergman Academy

You can connect with Bergman Academy online or via Facebook. Or visit the school at 100 45th Street, Des Moines, IA 50312.

Main Office: 515.274.0453
Admissions: 515.274.0453

Bergman Academy

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