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My 3 Healthy Choices for 2016 (You can make them, too!)

I’ve been in a rut. Like, all of 2015. Same sweatpants. Same ponytail. Same daily goals (i.e. brushing teeth and taking a hot shower).

Granted, a lot of this has to do with the baby in my life who didn’t turn happy until like September. (You should probably read my anguish HERE).

While I was never unhappy, I was tired and highly unmotivated. Thus my rut. The Erica rut of 2015.

With the new year approaching, I am deciding it is time to work on me. To get unstuck.

I know my first step to feeling rut-less, if you will, is to get back to making healthier choices. Fortunately, I have many loved ones who are helping me take (baby) steps out my door and in the right direction. I didn’t take advantage of their expertise before, but I’m starting now and gearing up for a more active and less stuck 2016.

Maybe you’re a mom like me? Ready to take your life back?

In that case, here are my three healthy choices for 2016, and my friends who are helping me along the way.

Healthy Choice #1: To eat more real foods.

Good Karme: The author behind Good Karme is Leigh. She is an Integrative and Functional Nutritionist at an Integrative Medicine Clinic. Doesn’t that sound impressive? Well, she is. Leigh and I used to high jump together back at Iowa State many moons ago. Basically (in my layman terms), she knows food, like really knows food and what is best to fuel your body. I love to follow her Instagram and see all the photos of her creations. Prior to Thanksgiving she did a Holiday Pre-Boot and sent emails each day of November with recipes, tips, and encouragement, all mixed with her charming wit. She inspires me, and you’ll learn a lot from her. (Trust me, she’s not as intimidating as her title sounds!)

My 3 Healthy Choices for 2016 (You can make them, too!)

Picture courtesy of Leigh at Good Karme

Follow Leigh: Blog. Instagram. Twitter.

Healthy Choice #2: To get moving again.

CrossFit West Des Moines: As I’ve mentioned before, my husband, Tony, owns a gym. But a lot of excuses (like having a baby in 2013… and another in 2014… needing to sleep in… having just eaten ice cream…) kept me from going. Thankfully, he always accepted my excuses. Having been an athlete all my life, I (begrudgingly) feel better about myself when I get up and get going. CrossFit West Des Moines now offers classes at 9 a.m. and noon which I take advantage of while my kids play (or ahem, watch the iPad). I do the Unloaded CrossFit workout, which is structured the same as a CrossFit workout, just with little or no weight. I love it, and frankly, I need to do it more than twice a week (baby steps!). I could use some friends. Anyone want to join me?

My 3 Healthy Choices for 2016 (You can make them, too!)

Here’s me jumping rope, which was actually easier to do in the second grade!

Follow CFWDM: Website. Instagram. Facebook.

Healthy Choice #3: To be more proactive.

Essential Oils: My friend Sara, another former Cyclone teammate, has been sharing her stories of Essential Oils with me for at least two years now. Recently, we upped our oil game in the Douglas household and I now understand all the hype. I am loving how Essential Oils are enhancing my home and our well-being. We use dōTERRA brand oils and find them to be of high quality. Our favorites right now are to diffuse Breathe while the kids are sleeping and then OnGuard in the mornings. If you’re one of those moms out there wanting to learn more, I can help you, and help you connect with Sara, as well.

My 3 Healthy Choices for 2016 (You can make them, too!)

Some of my oils and my new diffuser.

Follow dōTERRA on Instagram and Facebook. Follow Sara.

Baby steps are sure a lot easier when you have friends to guide you. I’m looking forward to a rut-free 2016!

Follow me on my journey to a healthier 2016 (I’ll need the encouragement!).

My 3 Healthy Choices for 2016 (You can make them, too!)

Sara, me, Tony, Leigh circa 2006. Throwin’ it way back to a college track trip before cell phones took pictures!

I’m sure you, too, have people in your life who can help you get to where you want to be in 2016. C’mon, let’s jump off our couches together!

What are some other healthy and positive choices you plan to make in 2016? Please comment below.

*If you’d like any more information on my friends, let me know and I’ll get you the answers you need.

*Disclaimer and Disclosure: I was neither paid by nor asked to write about anyone listed above. These are my honest opinions and this is my real journey. I have recently become a Wellness Advocate for dōTERRA and am therefore able to sell their products.

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