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12 Things That Never Get Old

motherhood momentsThe early days with a newborn are long and hard, and you may find yourself daydreaming about the days when your baby will be older and things will be easier.

But before you know it, your newborn is a baby, and your baby becomes a toddler. In fact, I just blinked and my “baby” is now a 2-year-old.

Thankfully, in the journey of motherhood, there are a few things that never get old. These things are full of joy and wonder and magic, no matter how old you (or your babies) get.

12 things that never get old

Snuggles: Those magical newborn snuggles are definitely the thing I miss most about my kids getting bigger. But no matter how big they get, it always melts my heart when they want to climb up and sit on my lap or rest their head on my shoulder. Snuggles are the best.

Sleeping faces: I can never get enough of the quiet, peaceful look when my kiddos are sleeping. My oldest did NOT fall asleep easily, and it almost always felt like bedtime or naptime was some kind of battle. But no matter how long it took or how frustrated I was with the process, it was always wonderful to sit a moment longer and watch his peaceful face after he drifted off to sleep.

Belly laughs: I absolutely adore the baby phase when any silly look or sound can make your little one erupt into the most joyful, full, big belly laughs. And when they get older, it is equally fun to hear them enjoy something or someone so much that it genuinely makes them laugh and squeal with glee. Bonus points if you’re the one who makes them giggle.

Bubbles: I cannot begin to count the minutes of fun and joy my two boys have had chasing and popping and trying to learn to blow bubbles. We have indoor bubbles, outdoor bubbles, bubble mowers, bubble leaf blowers, and so much more. My oldest has also discovered the joys of bubble gum, and I’ve spent a fair amount of time perfecting my bubble-blowing skills so he can pop the best ones.

Balloons: Whether they’re up balloons or down balloons, water balloons or punch balloons, they never get old! I’m fairly certain the most popular item at every birthday party I’ve thrown is the bouquet of balloons. Tears are almost always guaranteed if a favorite balloon pops or floats away.

Holding hands: Since birth, my youngest has insisted on holding hands while he falls asleep. Whether I’m breastfeeding him or dad is rocking him, he reaches and searches for a hand to hold. It’s the sweetest thing. I know there will come a day when my boys don’t want to hold my hand anymore, so I’m enjoying it while I can.

Slobbery kisses: The wet, open mouth, teeth-baring kind that needs to be wiped off your face afterward. My youngest is in this phase now and I love how fiercely he works to plant a kiss on our faces.

Presents: Whether you’re giving one, getting one, or buying one, presents never get old. It’s so much fun to watch the joy and excitement on little faces when they are opening a gift.

I Love Yous: Nothing can melt your heart quite like an unprompted “I love you, mommy.” The best ones land when you’re having a crummy day or feeling like you’re not doing this “mom” thing quite right. Those three little words are SO magical.

Pick-up time: At the end of a long day, it’s so comforting to see happy, excited smiles at pick-up time. If you’re really lucky, you hear a loud “Mommmmmmyyyy!” accompanied by arms thrown high in the air. Reunited and it feels so good.

Going to the park: Whether it’s your neighborhood park, a new park across town, or a swing set at a rest stop on a long road trip, exploring a new playground almost never gets old. They’re all a little different and provide their own unique bit of fun.

The great outdoors: No matter the season, my little ones adore being outside. In the spring we’re jumping in muddy puddles. In summer we’re digging in sandpits and through sprinklers. By fall we’re jumping in leaf piles. And when winter rolls around, we bundle up to sled and make snowballs or snow angels. Nature’s playground never runs out of ways to make memories.

Which ones did I miss? What never gets old for you?

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