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10 Things I Learned as a Second-Time Mom

10 Things I Learned as a Second-Time MomI am only five months into this having two kids thing, but I have learned a lot in this short amount of time. If you remember, I wrote a post about preparing for number two, and here I am living it. Below are some of the wisdoms I have acquired as we added another baby to our family.

1. Buying expensive clothes is worthless.

Kids get dirty. They poop, pee, throw up, roll around in dirt. This is why I refuse to spend a bunch of money on kids’ clothes. Sure, they make the cutest outfits! But they grow so fast that if they aren’t getting portraits taken, I stick with the standard pants and shirts.

2. Sleep.

Ohh sweet, sweet nectar of the gods. Just when you think you’re getting this thing figured out, your two-year-old wants to sleep with you. And you let him, for three months. During this time we had a newborn, and she was up often. I just needed sleep, so I didn’t care that I had a kid stealing my pillow and blowing his hot breath on me.

3. Get a baby carrier.

If you are having your second, third, fourth kid, I highly recommend a baby carrier. I did not have one with my first, but it comes in handy when you’re dealing with more than one child. We have an Ergo, and it has already paid for itself. We don’t even have a double stroller.

4. Alone time.

Sure you want to spend time with your babies, I get it. But I know for me, I need my “me” time. Even if it is a 30-minute break at the coffee shop or a night out with the girls, it helps me recharge.

10 Things I Learned as a Second-Time Mom

5. Don’t forget your spouse.

Lost between the change-the-baby, feed-the-kids, and throw-in-a-load-of-laundry, don’t forget to spend some quality time with your spouse. I think monthly date nights are the way to go. Or even just watching a movie together once the kids go to bed.

6. Plan ahead.

Life gets busy with two kids. When you’re planning a weekend away or even just a day out, make a list. Kids need a lot of stuff. So be sure you are prepared.

7. Coffee. All the coffee.

This is just a necessity to parent.

8. Larger phone storage.

I am constantly having to delete photos and videos so that I can take more. I just don’t have enough storage for all the cuteness that I want to capture. So get the bigger storage on your new phone. It will be worth it.

9. Wipes.

I cannot describe to you how many wipes we go through now. It feels like millions. Stock up. And then stock up again.

10. Sibling love.

The absolute best thing with your multiple children is seeing their love for each other. My daughter’s face lights up when my son plays with her. My heart can sometimes not handle all the greatness of seeing them together.

What did you learn when you added to your family?

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