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Des Moines pools

Beat the Heat! Guide to Des Moines Area Pools

Des Moines pools open June 2! If you’re heading to one of the Des Moines Area pools to cool off, here are some tips to give you that extra push into the deep end. Refuel If you’re staying for a long trip to the pool, pack waterproof sunscreen and snacks for break time, if the pool allows […]

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desmoinesfarmersmarketguide (1)

Guide to Des Moines Farmers Markets and Farmers Market Tips for Families

Des Moines boasts a bounty of farmers markets that feature local produce, freshly-picked flowers, Iowa-raised meats, handmade art, farm-fresh eggs and cheese, and fresh-from-the-oven baked goods. Our Des Moines Area Farmers Market Guide is divided by day of the week, featuring farmers markets in Des Moines and local suburbs. No matter where your summer schedules […]

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tips for gardening with kids and toddlers

Summer Gardening With Kids

After a never-ending winter, the first sign of green and sun brought some much needed outdoor time in our house. Wagon rides, parks, trampoline jumping, and our oldest braving the swing set on her own have kept us busy these last few weeks! I love watching my daughter’s imagination expand to the outdoors and seeing […]

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