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My Toddler Needed Glasses

When our son was born, he affectionately earned the nickname Popeye because he came out of the womb winking. As first-time parents, we didn’t think much of it when one lid would droop when he got sleepy. However, early on at one of our regular well checks, our pediatrician noticed his condition. He referred us […]

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Pumpkin spike intervention

Do You Need A Pumpkin Spice Intervention?

  PSL. It sounds like a health condition. Or the newest offering from my cable company. But, to millions of addicts fans around the world, the Pumpkin Spice Latte (or PSL, as it’s called by devotees) ushers in the unofficial beginning of fall. Never-you-mind that apparently Autumn began in August this year and you had […]

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tips for toy purge

Tips For A Stress-Free Toy Purge

It’s an all too familiar situation. Your child just had a birthday and you’re silently weeping to yourself buried under a mountain of toys. Ok, that might be a bit over-dramatic (but maybe not). This was me after my 4-year-old’s birthday party. I became increasingly worried about our 6-month-old choking on all of those new […]

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backyard gardening garden organic des moines moms blog

Our First Backyard Garden Results

When we bought our house last year, one of the first things I wanted to do was plant a garden. We didn’t get it accomplished last year, but creating a garden was my highest priority this spring. Here are some of the good—and bad—things to come from my first gardening experience. Making the Garden I […]

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deliver baby at Mercy Medical Center Des Moines

Why to Deliver your Baby at Mercy Medical Center

This post is sponsored by Mercy Medical Center — Des Moines The ideal birthing experience is highly variable. While one woman may want only her partner in the labor room with classical music in the background, and no pain medication, the next woman will want her entire family with her throughout labor, an epidural as […]

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