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air fryer

Why I Love My Air Fryer

We have had our Philips XL Air Fryer for over three years now and love it more each year! I wasn’t sure we would use it very often when we received it as a gift, but now I can’t imagine cooking without it. Cooking healthy and quick meals is very important to our family and […]

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love life after kids

Love Life After kids

How’s your love life going? That’s a weird question if you’re married. You’re knee-deep in laundry. It’s 10 p.m. and you forgot your preschooler needs to take snacks tomorrow. Your second grader wants home lunch and you haven’t gotten groceries in a week. A work project is sucking the life out of you and your […]

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spring clean closet

7 Hacks For Spring Cleaning Your Closet

Spring is just around the corner! Jumpstart organizing your closet by letting go of pieces you never wear and highlighting what you regularly reach for in your closet. The Midwest Winter to Spring transition can be tricky for your wardrobe. Here are some hacks to maximize space while keeping those few essential cozy warm things […]

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Parenting while Grieving a Parent

I have been a daddy’s girl my entire life. My dad was simply the best. He was there at every dance recital, for every heartbreak, for every big mistake, and sneaking out late. He taught me forgiveness and always shed a tear when apologizing after losing his cool, even though I always deserved worse punishment […]

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family dog

Our Dog Makes Us a Better Family

February 20, 2020, is national “love your pet day!” A “pet” is defined as a “domestic or tamed animal kept for companionship or pleasure” but for our family, our Black Lab Dakota exceeds the job of companionship and goes beyond the task of providing pleasure. She brings us joy, comfort, and protection. Her role extends […]

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