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Costco Mom Shopping Hour — Free Event 11.13.15

It’s like a dream has come true for moms across central Iowa…. Costco is opening their doors an hour early just for you! That’s right, we could not be more excited to be partnering with City Moms Blog Network and Costco Wholesale to provide this great event for our readers and fellow Costco lovers!  Details and […]

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Back to School

Smooth Operator: Advice for Your Back-to-School Transition

This post is part 3 of 5 in the Back-to-School 2015 series. Back to School (BTS). Ooh…. That little phrase can elicit an array of emotions depending on whose sweet ear it befalls. Fear, joy, remorse, dread, elation…. How do you feel about it? Do you want to hang on to every last shred of […]

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We Put Our Baby in the Closet: A Nursery Renovation for Small-Space Living

Nine hundred seven. The number of square feet of living space in our house. My husband and I called it cozy before we had our first baby in August 2012. It has quickly become something more akin to snug. Or well, tiny. Although not this tiny. When we found out we would get to welcome […]

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When Every Day Starts to Feel the Same

When Every Day Starts to Feel the Same

The longer I parent, the more I realize how strongly kids thrive within a regular routine. No wonder so many of us have building anxiety when the summer months hit. Though summertime is wonderful, sometimes it’s hard to know what to do with seemingly endless open days. I prefer to view summertime as a great […]

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Ten Items for an Always Ready Summer Fun Bag

Ten Items for an Always Ready Summer Fun Bag

Many of you probably keep an emergency kit in your car for the winter time because you have an inkling that things come up that you might want to be prepared for. You might not use it that often, but it sure does reduce your stress level knowing it’s there. Thankfully, summer fun doesn’t typically […]

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