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Bye Bye Belly Fat – Try SculpSure!

SculpSure: The Newest Technology for Non-Invasive Fat Removal My mom-bod is awesome. It is a marvel. My body grew two full-term babies and successfully provided nutrition for both of them for over a year! Wow! I am proud of my body and what it has achieved. But if I’m being truthful, I’d love to see a […]

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Saying Goodbye- Mom at a Crossroads

Mom at a Crossroads: As You Say Goodbye to Each Stage of Motherhood

No matter what stage of life you are in as a mom, there are so many times or situations in life you find yourself saying goodbye. Goodbye to the last time being pregnant. Farewell to the last time you will change a diaper. No more sweet smelling babies, and off to the terrible twos and threes. Saying goodbye as your baby […]

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Iowa Clinic: Treating Allergies Safely – The EpiPen Dilemma | Des Moines Moms Blog

Treating Allergies Safely – The EpiPen Dilemma

This sponsored post is brought to you courtesy of The Iowa Clinic — providing comprehensive care for the entire family.   The Great EpiPen Dilemma There has been a great deal of media attention given to the price of the EpiPen in the recent weeks. The EpiPen is used for patients who suffer from an anaphylactic reaction […]

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